Discover DN1, a combination of essential nutrients for your health

Experts have conducted studies to make a food supplement with the essential nutrients your body needs .

More and more people are concerned about physical and mental health. However, the increase in daily chores means that people do not have time to develop healthier habits.

With this in mind, the Stra Group brought to the market a revolutionary product: the DN1. Launched in February this year, it is a food supplement that came as a conciliatory alternative between the desire for a healthier life and the hectic pace of modern society.

DN1 is 100% natural, developed to replace important nutrients responsible for reducing anxiety, stress, tiredness and improving concentration, disposition, well-being and sleep.
From L-Tryptophan to Magnesium, our experts developed the DN fórmula formula based on studies and scientific evidence.

Experts have conducted studies to make a food supplement with the essential nutrients we need, especially for those who have a busy routine and do not have time to follow a nutrient-rich diet.

The daily and prolonged use of DN¹ leaves your immune system healthy and promotes a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Application remembers time to take supplements and helps control your week

It is not always easy to keep in mind the right time to take a medication or administer the required number of doses until the end of treatment. The smart pill holder and the KIGI app, allow users to program their medication and know when the supplement is running out on their cell phone.

Remember at the right time!

An easy and quick way to develop healthy habits in the palm of your hand. Indispensable for those who take various medications and even those who care for these people.
It is important to create a daily health plan that tells you what you need to follow an adequate nutritional intake plan.

Easy to store and take with you wherever you go, the tablet holder can be used at home, on the road, at work and at school. There are two sizes available to adapt to the needs of each user. It has detachable dividers that separate medicines in a simple and effective way, facilitating their handling and transportation.

The KIGI APP allows you to take care of your parents and family, even if you are not at home. Easier for your day to day, organizing and avoiding confusion and forgetfulness.
You have more time to take care of your daily commitments, while the KIGI APP takes care of your health!

DN1 and Kigi are exclusive products of the Stra Group.


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